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Choosing the right attire, if you are a woman, for important business function or meetings is a huge determinant of the probable outcomes of that meeting. Notably, business dress for women can range from suits to casual clothing, depending on the type of business she is doing. If you are a woman working in the corporate world at advanced levels, women suits are appropriate while if you work in startups, casual and smart attires like a blouse with skirt or pants will work. The standard suits and blouses still play an important role in the professional world for women. Sticking to these particular attires is seen as prudent and safe in case you are in dress for women photo - 1Examples of women dress brands available throughout online and physical retail shops are Calvin Klein, Tahari Arthur S. Levine, Worthington, Joe Fresh and Asos. These can be found in online retail stores like Macys, Lord and Taylor and JCPenney. Tahari Arthur S. Levine business dress for women includes two piece pant suits, pinstriped suits, petite sleeveless shift dress, petite two button and one button blazers which all retails at a price of $129.99. Calvin Klein array of women attires includes the lovely petite keyhole blouse goes for $69 while the petite cowl neck blouse sells at $39. JCPenney has a vast array of casual business dress from brands like Joe fresh and Worthington. business dress for women photo - 2So far, from a fair perspective, JCPenney retailers seem to offer competitive and affordable pricing (between $23 and $40 on average) for their attire compared to other brands. However, for powerful women or those that can afford premium business dresses, names like Lafayette and BOSS offers the value for you money. BOSS Fil a Fil wool Jacket and Belted Sheath Dress goes for around $545 to $755 on Nordstrom. The Lafayette Jacket, Tee with a Dress reaches $598. Therefore, the pricing of women dresses significantly vary across several retailers. This is apparently dictated by the variation in income of business women.

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How and where to buy: Affordable and smart attire for business women?

Get a Price for Affordable and smart attire for business women

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