Reinventing modesty: a guide to modest dresses for women

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Dressing modestly is a relative term, what is modest for you may not be for another. It’s a matter of perspective and it’s always best to go by your own choices.

Modesty is voluntarily dressing and behaving in a manner so as to not draw unwanted attention to yourself. You want to dress modestly for religious or personal reasons, or if you are attending a formal event.

Here’s a simple guide modest dresses in six simple steps:

Look in your closet:

Chances are you have a few modest dresses for womento wear or can combine and layer your clothes for a formal look.

Define Modesty:

Is it for personal reasons? If yes, dress according to what suits you best. Perhaps the reason is to look modest in front of others or someone in particular? You should think about what would seem presentable to them and wear clothes according to their definition of modesty
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Try dresses out:

Wear the dresses you have you think are modest and try them in front of a mirror. See how confident you are in flaunting them and move about comfortably. Sit down, bend, and try different postures to see if it’s comfortable and modest appearing.


If you need to wear modest clothes for a long time, for work, personal reasons or otherwise keep your eyes peeled for modest clothing and pick a few up. If you do not want to invest much you can look online for deals or try second hand clothes shops.modest dresses for women photo - 2

Buy online:

If you are the kind of person who loves shopping online find a modest dress in your wardrobe that fits well, take your measurements in the dress and buy more online accordingly to make sure you don’t end up buying something uncomfortable or flimsy.

Buy scarves:

You can simply use scarves or sometimes shawls, if the weather permits to look modest in existing clothing. It’s a no nonsense method of looking formal and modest without breaking the bank.

Just remember this, being wearing modest for women does not mean you abandon your choices. Stick to what you think is comfortable and do not force yourself to other’s choices. Be trendy and smart at the same time with the correct dressing.

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Get a Price for Reinventing modesty: a guide to modest dresses for women

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