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What’s the latest in stylish, comfortable and versatile? You guessed it – sweater dresses! Imagine the comfort of a sweater dress mixed with the easy style of a dress.

The best part about sweater dresses is that they come in a huge range of shapes, patterns and colors. They are made from cashmere, acrylic, polyester, wool or cotton, to name a few, which means that they can really be worn year-round!

They can be layered or worn by themselves, but when wearing a sweater dress, it is hard not to look fashionable. Pair a chunky knit dress with a scarf and leather boots for a stylish on-the-go look or a cowl-necked dress with flats and a headband for a nerd-chic outfit. Another fun option is a form-fitting sweater dress with pumps and pearls for a classy, flirty look.sweater dresses for women photo - 1Sweater dresses have been all over our fashion radar, from their appearance in Fashion Week 2015 shows to their recent uprising in street style looks, which goes to show that dresses are really for anyone.

Their styles can range from lace-fronted ladylike numbers to the heavy, bold and dark goth looks that Sébastien Meunier brought to the Ann Demeulemeester runway this spring.
sweater dresses for women photo - 2Another great thing about these dresses is that they look good on such a variety of body types. For larger frames, choose a cowl-necked dress that hits right at the knee, to balance things out. For slimmer bodies, choose a short-sleeved number with a flared skirt for added curves and movement. For taller ladies, a piece with a shorter form-fitting skirt will make your legs look a mile long!

Sweater dresses are also a lot of fun to accessorize, and one of the hottest looks is a sweater dress paired with a chunky necklace. A solid-colored dress is also a great way to show off those new patterned tights.

These dresses are definitely a must-have wardrobe item!

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How and where to buy: Sweater dresses – where stylish meets versatile?

Get a Price for Sweater dresses – where stylish meets versatile

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