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One of the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world Wimbledon requires all players to be dressed in white colours uniform. It’s an old tradition, which originates from the very beginning of championship in 1877. So it’s not a surprise that white tennis dress became one of the most popular kind of uniform not only among professional players, but among amateurs too. All companies that designs sportswear include white tennis dresses in every collection. The most optimal products in terms of price and quality are provided by Nike and Adidas. Prices range between 70$ and 120$ per dress. They engage with famous designers to make sportswear not just comfortable, but stylish and fancy.white tennis dress photo - 1The cheaper dresses are provided by Lotto. Price on this products ranges approximately from 30$ to 80$. Lotto has some interesting models, and very popular among beginners. One of the most respected manufacturer of tennis equipment Babolat has its own sportswear line, which includes several models of white tennis dresses. Approximate cost for each dress is 45-70$. Another equipment manufacturer, which produces sportswear under its own brand is Head, famous for its high-quality tennis rackets and balls. As well as an equipment sportswear is expensive, but very comfortable and qualitative. Prices on this dresses start from 90$. Another expensive brand is Lacoste. It’s a luxury clothes, chosen by truly fans of fashionable sport.
white tennis dress photo - 2Each dress is unique, emphasizes dignities of the woman and hides flaws. It costs about 100-150$ per dress. There are many another sportswear brands with a middle prices under 100$, which are not so popular. Among them: PureLime, Fila, Asics, Bolle and others. Traditional tennis uniform includes also special underwear. Usually it’s a sports bra and small tight sorts. It’s impossible to play tennis in a usual underwear. Common prices on sports bra ranges from 10$ to 40$ and on shorts from 20$ to 50$. It’s obvious that in case of white dress underwear should be white too.

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How and where to buy: Brands and prices: how to choose the perfect tennis dress?

Get a Price for Brands and prices: how to choose the perfect tennis dress

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